【AIRFIT】Zero Gravity Breathable Padding 零重力支撐透氣床墊


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完美支撑 轻松翻身无压力 提高睡眠品质 创造健康与活力
Perfect Support For Your Body.
Suitable for Any Sleeping Pattern.
Improve your Sleep Quality and Lead a Healthier Life full of Vitality

  • Breathable透气
  • Washable水洗
  • Light Weight 轻量
  • Sturdy Support 支撑
  • Relieve Pressure 释压
  • Cooling 凉感
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Do you face these issues!?

Foul odor due to baby throw up?

Body aches causing sleepless nights?

Accustomed to current mattress, reluctant to change?

Worried to wake up your partner when you change your sleeping pattern?

Waking up uncomfortable with sweating back?

Cannot wash due to elderly urinary incontinence?

Difficulty falling asleep due to the mattress being too soft or too hard?

Additional information

Single (105x190x2cm), Queen (150x190x2cm), King (180x190x2cm)