All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow


The first that combine sports and comport sleeping into one. Create a healthy and comfortable sleeping mattress, helps to relief tension nerves and muscles, to achieve the complete relaxation state of the body which leads easily to a better deep sleep.
Better sleeping quality is just that simple!

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A pillow that protects your head, neck and shoulders

The perfect experience for your mind, body, and soul, giving the head, neck, shoulders the best gentle care whether you are lying or sleeping side-way.

A pillow determines your sleep quality

A pillow that can relax your head, neck and shoulders can give you the most comfortable sleep quality

5 Design Guidelines ‧Lets you experience higher sleep quality

Don’t under estimate the power of a small pillow. Much knowledge is needed to create a comfortable sleep, carefully curate a pillow suitable for ultimate sleep experience.


Passes SGS non-toxic test; sleep with a piece of mind.

Passed SGS test to ensure product safety, reliability and compliance with strict regulatory standards. Enables consumers to enjoy comfortable sleep quality while beingat ease.

Natural latex, chemical-free

The selection of materials is stringent as this is a fitted product

  1. Pressure-relieving pillow body (pillow core) uses advanced technology memory foam mould casting
    Memory pressure-relief materials have temperature-sensing properties, which can absorb the pressure of the human body and adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture. Its viscoelastic properties sinks when it is under pressure, but does not show a strong rebound force, making it the most suitable material to be put on pillows.
  2. High-tensile elastic cloth for inner lining
    The inner layer of high-tensile elastic cloth cotton not only protects the pillow core, reduces the chance of soiling of the pillow core, and facilitates the removal of the cover, but also because of its elasticity, when the head pressure is applied to the pressure-relief pillow during sleep, it can provide additional stretching space.
  3. Tencel material for the surface
    The LYOCELL fibre is used as the pressure release pillow surface material, so that the pressure release pillow can be kept in a dry and comfortable state at any time, especially suitable for Taiwan’s humid climate, breathable with good ventilation, improving your sleep quality.

A good night’s sleep has to be cultivated

Use the pressure relief pillow together with the leg rest pillow to create sleep as a kind of ultimate enjoyment.
Sleep well, your world will become very light.

Omnidirectional pressure relief pillow

✓ Storage method
Keep in ventilated and dry environment, away from high temperature and humidity, and avoid direct sunlight

✓ Precautions
Please use this product as suggested. This product is not a toy and should not be used by children.

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All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow

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轻柔型 约 1.7 公斤 舒适型 约 2 公斤


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(表布)莱赛尔纤维(天丝™ LYOCELL)、聚酯纤维