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Simple, elegant and wide-comfy design, more comfortable to sit and exercise. With the 81 x 81 wide-area, you can sit however you wish.
Suitable for both seated and standing exercises, perfect combination of exercise fitness and home leisure. Who says you can’t sit and enjoy the benefits of exercise?

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5 main design features

  1. Wide-area platform design – Sit comfortably and exercise.
  2. Clamshell dual-usage design – Suitable for both seated and standing exercise, perfect combination of exercise fitness and home leisure.
  3. Italian NAPPA grade soft leather – high quality leather, breathable, well-ventilated, soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly.
  4. High hardness steel structure design – Stable and durable integrated body structure.
  5. Ultra-quiet and powerful motor design – Special-developed motor along with high-precision mechanical modules make bgreen sport furniture comfortable and ultra-quiet.




Wide-area platform design makes vibration a pleasant exercise experience.


More comfortable when seated.

With the 81 x 81 wide-area allows you to sit anyway you wish.



M1. Alleviation and relaxation recuperation

Daily maintenance to relieve your everyday stress

M2. Massage and vitalisation

Activate your whole body, specially developed for relaxing whole-body muscles

M3. Internal circulation recuperation

To exercise body that are seldom activated, let your body vibrate from the inside out and the bottom up.

1. General health vibration

3 Hz frequency, daily exercise basis for your health
Relieve pressures caused by long working hours

2. Leg muscle relaxation vibration

4.5 Hz frequency, take a rest for your legs
Sedentary sitting and standing make leg muscles tight. Moderate leg pressure relief could promote metabolism of the limbs.

3. Waist and abdomen massaging vibration

6 Hz frequency, make muffin top disappear
Relieve tight muscles at the waist, abdomen and lower back

4. Leg and hip vibration

7.5 Hz frequency, exercise your thighs and hips
Vibrate and promote the flexibility of your thighs and hips

5. Shoulders & neck vitalisation and relaxation

9 Hz frequency, relax your shoulders and neck
Shoulder and neck problems will affect activity and quality of sleep. Vibration can help regulate and stretch muscle groups of shoulders and neck.

6. Whole body vitalisation vibration

10.5 Hz frequency, massage whole body muscles and enhance the mobility
Tighten and relax whole body muscles will improve your sleep quality.

7. Whole body deep stimulation

13 Hz frequency, vibrate your whole body
Exercise whole body muscles through high frequency, enhancing body activity and vitality.

uSofa – Making harmony possible

Under the perfect stimulation of vibration, it activates the depths in your body and mind.
Awaken your vitality and motivating your life, it helps you to find the way to get along with the world.
So-called “Harmony” is not a perfect life, but the moments when your body, mind and soul reach the satisfaction.

Clamshell design-
It’s more than a sofa, but a vibration equipment.

Silent mat pad –
Noise abatement without disturbing others

Soft leather –
Soft, breathable, comfortable

Delicately made –
Insist on detail, make ingenious craftsmanship

Italian NAPPA soft leather, comfort at a level higher

5 Advantages of NAPPA soft leather

Wipeable – Easy maintenance, no hassle
Fire-resistant – Heat-resistant, safety, safer
Breathable – Breathable, not stuffy
Skin-friendly – Soft, comfortable, closer
Eco-friendly – Environmental protection, more sustainability



Additional information
Product Name


Model No.



~ 3 – 13Hz


Vertical ~ 3 mm


RF Wireless Remote


7 Band Fixed Frequency + 3 Automatic Program Functions

Time Setting

Around 15 minutes every cycle

Main material

High hardness steel structure + Italian NAPPA soft breathable leather


AC 100~120V,50~60Hz

Power Consumption

Max. 375W


CE Approved & FDA Registered


~ L 810 x W 810 x H 350 mm


~ 150 KG

Product Weight

~ 55 KG