Vibration vs Children Development

Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV)is similar to playing basketball. It stimulates the Epiphyseal plate so children grow taller. In addition, it can promote the secretion of growth hormone, giving children's development a rather complete one.

In such a competitive environment, how can children grow up under the dual pressure of schoolwork and talent? Besides DNA, growth has a complementary relationship with nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Don’t miss the golden age of children ’s growth.

The concept of vibration helping on growth

  1. Promotes hormones-growth hormone secretion
    • Vibration stimulates the bones and pituitary gland to promote growth hormone secretion. Studies have found that vibration can increase the concentration of growth hormone in the blood by more than 400%.
  2. Promotes hormone secretion — osteocalcin
    • Vibration can promote the secretion of bone osteocalcin, improve calcium absorption and new bone formation, and stimulate the growth of lower limb long bones and vertebrae.
  3. Vibration promotes differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts
    • Promote the proliferation of osteoblasts and increase the rate of new bone regeneration, thereby enhancing the chance of growth.
  4. Vibration stimulates the growth of bone plates会