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Vibration Can Delay Ageing

Studies have confirmed that the Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) can promote the activation of muscle cells, but also stimulate the proliferation of collagen and maintain the skin's firmness. In addition, it may reduce the problem of muscle loss due to ageing.

Humans at the age of 21-22 are the peak period of youth, where the secretory system is functioning at its peak. After that, hormone secretion decreases at a rate of 15% every 10 years. The reduction of hormones affects the operation of other systems and reduces the function of all organs in the body. When a person reaches about 45 years old, both men and women will experience a sharp decline from the appearance (such as acute saggy skin and ageing) to the body (physiological hypogonadism), resulting in a series of changes in the function of the human nervous system and immune system that induces various diseases and symptoms.

Benefits of Vertical Vibration:

  1. Promotes hormone secretion
    Stimulates the neuromuscular reflex, causes the body's balanced muscle contraction, and stimulates the release of hormones, and also stimulates and enhances muscle regeneration. Scientists have discovered that a variety of hormones are secreted after the Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV), including anti-ageing hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones can promote metabolism, improve cell regeneration, make cells full of energy and vitality, and delay ageing.
  2. Promotes collagen production
    The Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV)can stimulate the production of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue, increase the collagen content of the subcutaneous tissue, restore the skin firmness, and reduce saggy skin, smile lines and fine lines.