Usage Precaution

Q. Usage Precaution

  1. Prohibited User(s)
    Pregnant women (1 month before pregnancy also to be included; 1 month after childbirth), people with hernias, bone fractures or have unhealed wounds, people who needs to rest for convalescence, and children under six years old.
  2. Low-speed vibration is suitable:
    During menstrual periods, people suitable for rehabilitation and walking exercise with physician’s approval, and whom that have the following conditions:
    People with artificial organs, severe cerebrovascular disease, recovered from spinal injury, stroke, and arthritis and the frail elderly. Beginners are required to start from low but comfortable speed for the initial vibration.
  3. People with herniated disc
    Please do not stand upright or sit directly on the device.
    It is best recommended to stand on the device with the hand support on a table or chair, lie against the table or chairs upfront, and train with speed that suits you best. This can avoid the pressure on the nerves and give relaxation to lower back and reduces discomfort. Recovered patients could slightly squat on the equipment at low / middle speeds, or sit on the chair and placing the legs on the equipment for lower limbs vibration training to boost blood circulation.
  4. People with scoliosis or osteoporosis
    Please do not stand upright or sit directly on the device.
    It is best recommended to stand on the device with the hand support on table or chair, lie on the table or chairs upfront, proceed with speed that suits you best or stand on the device with a little squat, or sit on chair and put your feet on the device to train lower limbs.
    If any discomfort occurs during the use of the device, please sit on a chair and put your feet on the device to train lower limbs. This will relieve the discomfort and promotes a healthier body over the time. Do not forcefully train under discomfort body condition.


Device Fitness Method

Q. When is best time to use the device? How to use the device correctly?

Anytime, except 1 hour before or after meals.

Train for 15 minutes for the first week. It is recommended to perform at least twice in the morning and at night.

  1. Drink 200cc ~ 300cc warm water before vibration.
    Objective: Dilute blood solubility, reduce blood flow resistance and vascular pressure.
  2. Drink 200cc ~ 300cc warm water after vibration.
    Objective: Promote metabolism and replenish water loss during training.
  3. Training time: before or after meals (1 hour interval)
    Normal Individuals: one hour before or after meals
    For Weight Loss Management: do not eat or drink (soft drink) after 2 hours of vibration, only warm water or warm sugar-free soymilk is allowed.
    For weight gain management: Eat your meals after 5 minutes of resting.
  4. Vibration Duration:
    15 minutes for the first week, continue after resting.
    30 minutes for the following week, continue after resting.
  5. Speed of training: Depends on the most comfortable speed of individual for the best health effects. Increase the speed gradually when the body gets used to the current speed.

Q. How long can I use each day?

It depends on the user’s purpose on what he/she would like to achieve.

  • Regular health care: 15-30 minutes per vibrate in the morning and night.
  • Weight Loss: 15-30 minutes per vibrate for 3 to 4 times a day.
  • For people with the 5 High Diseases (Hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid, high body fat): please train for 15 minutes per time, twice a day (in the morning and at night. Suggest can increase to 4 times per day, if want to achieve higher efficacies.
  • Increase bone density and decrease blood sugar: 15-30 minutes per vibrate in the morning and night.

Q. Self-care after vertical vibration training

Replenish a 300cc of warm water to increase metabolism rate after vibration. For weight loss management,do not eat any solid food after 2 hours of vibration. To replenish natural high-quality proteins (eg: sugar-free non-GMO warm soy milk) to achieve faster results.

The parasympathetic nerve activity will be enhanced after vertical vibration. As our gastrointestinal motility depends on the parasympathetic nerve, the best time for gastrointestinal absorption is after vertical vibration training. If we supplement natural high-quality protein at this time, we will achieve the most effective absorption effect.

In addition, the cells i.e. the smallest and most important component of the body is even important. If you can supplement high-quality protein within 30 minutes after vibration, this is the most important nutrient to provide cell membrane and nucleus to help cell health. You will be naturally healthier.

Q. What are the differences between Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) and cardio training?

In general sports, most of the exercises whether it is walking or running, or aerobic exercise in the gym are mainly limbs-related. There are few chances to move to important internal organs and small muscle groups, whereas the Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) machines can massage your internal organs.

More importantly, most people choose heavy, anaerobic and continuous sports (such as fast running, playing basketball, various intense sports), but they may not be suitable for everyone. Moreover, a large amount of free radicals are generated due to violent oxidation, causing oxidative damage to the body. Without proper rest, it will cause sportsmen to be injured and exhausted, and they will become more tired after exercising.

Therefore, sports science research in the United Kingdom points out that the best exercise should be mild, aerobic, continuous, with minimal perspiration, a slight spike on temperature all over the body, and achieve the effect of body relaxation. To sum up, vertical vibration exercises is the no.1 choice of exercise.


Body response to Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) exercise

Q. What are the possible body reactions and phenomena of Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) exercise?

The Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) may cause “itchiness, numbness, soreness, and pain” according to different individuals.

Itchiness – During vibration exercise, you may feel the itching in your body. It is caused by Qi and blood, adding up with the speeding of the loop. This kind of itchiness is not an itch is experienced when an insect is crawling on your skin but it is completely developed from the internal body. Itching means that the cells are activated, Qi and blood are accelerated, and lymphatic gland metabolism is enhanced. With continuous use, this situation will be eliminated.

Numbness – During vibration exercise, there may be two phenomena that may occur. One is that during the blood flow, it encounters the place where there was originally clot. As the blood continuously passes through it, it feels sore and numb, which is a pleasant phenomena. If you do not clear up these clots, it will be blocked for a long time, and it will eventually become painful. However, as long as you continue, you can improve this phenomenon and make your body and mind relax.

Soreness – When the body moves during vibration exercise, soreness is often felt in the joints, waist, neck, back, hands or muscles because of accumulated fatigue. If a person is overworked or nervous, it will cause damage to body tissues and relatively weakened antibodies. Through continuous whole body vertical vibration training, this situation will soon be improved and the body will be healthier.

Pain – When the body moves during vibration exercise, some parts of the body will feel pain. This is the accumulation of physical fatigue, causing some parts of the body block. This is more obvious for people who do not exercise on regular basis, but it continues vertical vibration exercisewill gradually open up the Qi and blood, and the body will become healthier.

Q. Why do some people sweat and feel the itchiness after vibration but some don’t?

During vibration exercise, you may feel the itching in your body. It is caused by Qi and blood, adding up with the speeding of the loop. This kind of itchiness is not an itch is experienced when an insect is crawling on your skin but it is completely developed from the internal body. Itching means that the cells are activated, Qi and blood are accelerated, and lymphatic gland metabolism is enhanced. This situation will be eliminated with continuous using.

Some people sweat and some don’t sweat because of the following factors:

  • The temperature of the environment is different. Some people are in air-conditioned rooms, and some are in the natural environment.
  • The amount of clothing he wears, and if he wears airtight clothing, he will sweat.
  • The speed used is different from the amplitude. The larger the amplitude, the easier it is to sweat, otherwise he is less likely to sweat.
  • Posture during vibration exercise. The greater the strength of your posture, the faster you sweat. For example, the more comfortable your posture is during vibration exercise, the less likely you are to sweat.
  • Sweating conditions vary depending on individuals. Some people are naturally prone to sweating, while others are not.

Q. Why can’t I eat for two hours after vibration exercise?

This condition is specifically targeted for people who want to lose weight. As the blood flow in all parts of our body is high after the vibration exercise, the same goes to our gut function when the tissue function is most active after the vibration. For example, if you eat immediately after the vibration exercise, your digestion and absorption are in the best state. The more calories you eat, the stronger you will become. This does not only defer your purpose of losing weight, but increase your weight instead.

  • People who want to lose weight:
    Utilize it 1 hour after meals. Do not eat or drink for 2 hours after use. Drink warm water only. For example, drink non-GMO sugar-free warm soy milk. People with low blood sugar should drink as they will feel hungry after completing the vibration exercise.
  • People who want to gain weight:
    Take a break for about 5 minutes after the vibration exercise. Eat your meals right after that and you will grow stronger gradually.

Q. Is there any side effects if we use the Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) machine?

Absolutely no! Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) is the most environmental and the safest exercise. Some people may feel numb, sleepy, dizzy, tired, itchy, sore & stiff shoulders, farts very often and have frequent bowel movement due to personal body constitution after using the vibration machine. The symptoms above are signs to show the improvement of body circulation, the symptoms shall disappear after 1 week. If the symptoms do not disappear, it is best to go for physical examination at the hospital in case of hidden diseases.

Q. Is it normal to feel thirsty after vibration exercise?

Whole body vertical vibration is a type of exercise that vibrates the human body from the bottom to top, then induces the contraction and extension of the body muscles. This promotes blood circulation, promotes metabolism,and so the water loss accelerates as well. Throughout the vibration exercise, the capillaries expand, inducing more sweat. This is also one of the reasons you will have water loss after the vibration.

Q. Why do I have shaky legs? My knees don’t feel good too.

People with these conditions would usually feel the shakiness if you stand on the vibration machine for long period:

  • Poor kidneys function
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • Myocardial Degeneration
  • Chronic liver failure
  • Local vascular in the lower limbs or lymphatic obstruction

People with any of the conditions above cannot stand upright for more than 10 minutes. You can opt to sit on a chair, place your feet on the vibration machine to work on the legs. Vibration time is best to be around 30 minutes and rest for another 30 minutes. There is no limit on how many times you can vibrate. Of course, the more the faster you can see the results.

Such vibration exercise will not cause knee or joint pain. In fact, it can activate the knee joint! However, if the knee joint is in an acute inflammation period, should stop using the vibration machine for the time being and resume the vibration after the condition gets better.
Sit on a chair and place your feet on the vibration machine and work on the legs for continuously one month. Then, you may try to stand on the vibration machine in a slight squats position. If you feel tired, sit back and resume to the initial feet vibration exercise. Be persistent and you will notice the improvement on physical condition!


Device & Users

Q. Can females on menstruation utilize the vibration machine as usual?

Of course they can, but with slower speed than normal days. Based on the principle of 1 ~ 2 steps with feet squatting, it is mainly gentle, soothing, and relaxing. Through these gentle vibrations, the body’s blood flow can be smooth and pressure can be relieved. During the vibration exercise, it is a must to avoid pressure on the abdominal cavity and use the vibration at medium or high speeds.

Appropriate vibration during menstruation helps balance the nervous system, helps blood circulation, helps the abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles contract and relax, helps better menstrual blood flow, and can also relieve dysmenorrhea.

For women who experience their monthly menstrual pain, the daily 30 minutes in the morning and evening can effectively reduce their menstrual pain symptoms for a better menses experience.

As vibration can stimulate blood circulation and blood flow at the uterus, it improves uterine tissue function, stimulates ovarian female hormone secretion, strengthens lower abdominal muscles, and thus reducing menstrual pain.

If a female who experience irregular periods, the menses flow will increase on the first month she started using the machine. This situation will reduce to normal flow eventually. Female with normal physical condition will not have this situation.

Q. Can people with lumbar muscle strains and herniated disc use vibration machine?

Do not stand or sit directly on the machine, the best option is to use it with kneeling and lying posture.

Avoid protruding parts to compress the nerves. If you have recovered, you can use low-speed foot squats to vibrate.

Q. Can stroke patients use Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV)?

Of course. There are many successful cases of stroke patients using Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) and achieved faster recovery. We can say that the Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) machine is the gospel of stroke patients.

Support yourselfwith home furniture or bedside when you want to use the machine. Alternatively, you can also sit on the uChair. Frequent use speeds up the restoration of autonomy, prevents second stroke and muscle atrophy, promotes digestion and gut absorption.

Q. How should I use it after child delivery?

You can continue using the machine after one month of child delivery, either natural birth or c-sec.

There will be slight abdominal pain when you start using it. This is because the uterus is more sensitive and the intestinal adhesion may occur. So, when you use it, you can stand in a slightly curved knee position with low-speed vibration mode. Use it in the morning and night, the pain will disappear in about 7-10 days.

Q. How should children use it?

Children can only use it when they are at least 6 years old& above. Children can practice the standing posture to promote bone plate growth and increase growth development.

Q. Can people with high blood pressure and heart disease use it? What are the benefits?

Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) improves the immediate readings of hypertension:

  • Measure and record your blood pressure before the vibration. Adjust to the most comfortable pace for 15 minutes of vibration exercise. Rest for 3 minutes after the vibration. Then, remeasure the blood pressure.
  • Utilize the vibration machine in the most comfortable speed every day. You will notice that the blood vessels are less stiff, and the blood pressure gets lower.

Diet suggestions:

  • “Black fungus” (active blood vessel tissues) can be added to the dishes, gradually reduce animal protein intake and increase vegetable food intake. It will accelerate the dropping rate of blood pressure and improve heart health.

Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV)improves the health of patients with heart disease:

  • Vibration can effectively lower blood pressure, relatively reduce heart pressure, and activates the heart, and gradually restore the health of heart.
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV)increase the blood flow of the heart, allowing the heart tissue cells to get more oxygen and nutrients, repair the damaged tissue, and then improve the antioxidant capacity of the heart tissue, making the heart younger gradually.

Patients with severe heart disease:

  1. In the first month, you can only vibrate by sitting on a chair and placing your feet on the vibration machine. You can use it for 30 minutes and rest for 30 minutes and go on the same schedule at the most comfortable speed.
  2. As for the second month, you can try the standing & squat positionfor 15 minutes with 1 hour of rest after that and continue the same posture.
  3. In the third month, you can switch to standing on the vibration machine at low-speed. At this time, the heart function has shown great improvement.

Q. Can everyone use this vibration machine?

Anyone from 6 to 100 years old can use, except:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Children under 6 years old
  • Acute fracture
  • Injured wound
  • Heart device metal
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Wound after surgery
  • Acute inflammation, infection, fever
  • Acute stage of spinal spondylolisthesis fracture and joint adhesion
  • Rotation and postural dizziness (eg: Meniere’s disease)

The following situations require special posture:

Such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal injury and osteoporosis, you can not stand upright or sit directly on the vibration machine. It is recommended to lean forward and lie on the table and chairs, use low-speed or the most comfortable speed for training.