About Device

Q. Where is the origin of this product?

100% made in Taiwan, and has won the world patent rights

  • Taiwan patent right: I302469 / I278332
  • China patent right: 641464/539403

Q. What is the life span of sports furniture?

For small families, three times daily for 30 minutes per session can last for at least ten years.

Q. How to service and maintenance the device?

It is limited to indoor use, and avoid places near water or water vapor, and avoid any collision. Please handle with care when you move the equipment to avoid damage to the machine. Remember not to use volatile oil, alcohol or other items to wipe the machine because it may damage the surface of the machine. Just handle with care.

Q. Sports furniture leather maintenance.

PVC material is easy to maintain. Just wipe gently with water and let it dry naturally in a ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun or use a hair dryer to dry off the leather from deteriorating and hardening. Avoid maintenance oils and strong acid and alkali cleaners as these will harden and crack the surface.

Q. Simple troubleshooting of the device.

  • Please check whether the power cord is assembled correctly.
  • The remote control may experience insufficient power. When the receiving sensor of the remote control becomes poor, please replace the batteries with new AAA batteries.
  • If the above conditions are eliminated, but still cannot be operated, please reset the remote control.

Q. Remote control manual.

  • Please unplug the power supply for about 30 seconds and then plug it in again.
  • Press the M2 button and the STOP button at the same timewithin 5 seconds after plugging in the power, untilyou hear a “beep-beep” two times, then let go the pressing button.

If the above method is unsuccessful, repeat once again.

Q. Whole Body Periodic Acceleration(WBPA) bed adjustment.

The Whole Body Periodic Acceleration(WBPA) bed levelingmust be adjusted before use.

When you decide the area to place it, please adjust the level of the screw pads on the base of the machine until the screw pads are close to the ground, and then fix the nut; if you move the machine, you need to readjust the calibration according to the above method.

[Adjustment steps]

  • Adjust all screw pads by hand, making sure the screw pads are close to the ground.
  • Use a 14mm open-end wrench on the opposite side to rotate the foot nut to the right.