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Vibration Activates the Strength and Joints of the Elderly

Whole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV) can effectively strengthen the core muscle groups, improve the coordination between muscles and the sense of balance of the human body, improving the walking ability. For the elderly, the risk of falling due to actions will also be greatly reduced.

Studies have shown that while promoting blood circulation, vibration machine can accelerate the supply of nutrients to cartilage at joints, repair cells and reduce inflammation index and pain. Especially elderly people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, or stiff joints.

The Concept of Vibration Reducing the Risk of Joint Pain

  1. Promotes blood circulation-strengthens the circulation around joints
    Vibration accelerates blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow around joints, increases oxygenation of cells and accelerates repair of inflamed cells, so it can improve arthritis.
  2. Increases chondrocyte production
    Mesenchymal stem cells will differentiate into chondrocytes after being stimulated, so they can activate joint tissues and enhance mobility.