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The first that combine sports and comport sleeping into one. Create a healthy and comfortable sleeping mattress, helps to relief tension nerves and muscles, to achieve the complete relaxation state of the body which leads easily to a better deep sleep.
Better sleeping quality is just that simple!

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Passive exercise to protect the heart blood vessels-horizontal vibration exercise

Horizontal vibration is also known as whole body periodic acceleration (WBPA). WBPA is a kind of exercise that moves the human body horizontally front and back through the device to achieve the benefits of exercise.


Perform sports easily by just lying down

Enjoy the light and fluttering sports feeling at home! The horizontal vibration longue chair does not only help you exercise, but also promote body movement, promote the production of nitric oxide in the body, and maintain the normal operation of vascular endothelial cells.
Being healthy is easy! WBPA makes exercise easier, which allows you to benefit as what exercise gets even if you are lying on bed at home.


No more reason not to exercise

The horizontal vibration longue chair enables you to maintain your health at home by just lying down. It is the best exercise choice for those who can’t exercise, lazy exercise, and have no time and space to exercise.

Unable to exercise
Bedridden / disabled people who intend to exercise

Too lazy to exercise
Fatigue but still, exercise is a must

Time constraint
Occupied with stuff until one has no time to exercise

Lack of space to exercise
Home space is too small

The importance of nitric oxide (NO)

Nitric oxide is an important miraculous element for maintaining cardiovascular health. In order to self-produce Nitric Oxide, it needs to be produced by stimulating vascular endothelial cell tissue through blood flow.

The benefits of Nitric Oxide produced by the body:

  1. Promotes blood circulation and helps increase blood flow
  2. Relaxes blood vessels, protects and strengthens heart function
  3. Helps promote insulin secretion
  4. Relieves soreness, relaxes muscles and reduces the possibility of stiffness in the morning

Horizontal Vibration Exercise

The optimal horizontal amplitude is 20mm, and the benefits will decrease as the distance is shortened.

Benefits of WBPA

Risks of cardiovascular diseases
It is recognised as one of the best and safest exercise methods.

Promotes health
To improve your health and maintain a toned body

Improves sleep quality
To relieve soreness and put you to sleep

Improves physical performance
Promotes physical coordination and prevents sports injuries

One equipment with multi-functional use

You can own health and space in the same time.
A single yet ultimate multi-functional design with minimal space required. You may enjoy healthy life any time.



Safe and minimal design

Higher pad sofa edge fuses with health concepts
Beautifying arch design makes uBed symmetric and harmonious.
Ergonomic design makes you exercise comfortably.
Wood grain texture adds the taste of warmth to the uBed Sofa Bed.
Trim decoration design makes uBed stylish and fashionable.



Ultimate craft with an integral forming

Soft leather
Well-ventilated, soft, comfortable, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly

30 minutes of 10 vibration modes

One-click and user-friendly design without complicated interface
Just lie onuBed Sofa Bed and choose the desired vibration modes. With every click comes 30 minutes of vibration exercise. Regular vibration will improve our sleep and health index.

7 fixed frequency and 3 automatic modes for your selections
M1 Relaxation mode
M2 LOHAS mode
M3 Stress relief mode

Exercise as you wish at home.

Exercise in your comfy home! No matter the weather it is, exercise can be more efficient by saving the round-trip time.

uBed Sofa Bed guards your health effortlessly.。

The indicative size is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

Additional information

uBed Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Sofa Bed




140 RPM (Max.)


~ 20 mm


RF Wireless Remote


7 Band Fixed Frequency + 3 Automatic Program Functions


30 minutes fixed frequency




AC 100~120V,50~60Hz


Max. 600W


CE Approved & FDA Registered


~ L 1710 x W 760 x H 570 mm


~ 180 KG


~78.5 kg