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The first that combine sports and comport sleeping into one. Create a healthy and comfortable sleeping mattress, helps to relief tension nerves and muscles, to achieve the complete relaxation state of the body which leads easily to a better deep sleep.
Better sleeping quality is just that simple!

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uBed combines exercise and sleep

Sleeping accounts for roughly one third of everyone’s life. A healthy sound sleep is definitely the assurance of happiness.

Seemingly simple, but with deep meaning

The infamous Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simple is the highest level of complexity”, and it is also the ultimate goal we are pursuing. It turns the complex vibration concept into a bed that can be easily used in life.

In short, it saves you all the hassle in life.

Saves time on cleaning the bed so you can have even more time to manage other stuff.

You can’t see it but always look for the best.

TAF Pocket Spring

1. Uses ROD-Carbon Steel

2. Reheated in the oven at 270’C after quenching, the spring stiffness and toughness can be increased by 20%

3. The internal springs of the mattress are independent and used to spread the force and averagely bear the pressure of each drop point of the body.
4. Ergonomic design to prevent the loss of the general spring bed that lets the waist area to hang loose, and truly achieve the quality of good sleep at night.

Natural latex, chemical-free

1. Excellent resilience – With great rebound, it returns to its original state after the pressure is released.

2. Ultimate support – Memorized in line with your curves, uBed provides best support for your back.

3. Breathable and antibacterial – Anti-dust micro particle can achieve the effects of antibacterial, anti-mite, and mildew- proof.

4. Excellent durability – Durable and non-deforming

Soft Tencel cotton, eco-friendly and comfy

1. Tencel fibre is softer and smoother than normal fibres (wool, cotton).
2. Natural materials made from wood pulp, the raw materials are taken from nature.

3. Has excellent hygroscopic properties to mediate the absorption and release of moisture.
4. Experiments have verified that Tencel can reduce the production of bacteria more than general fibres in the same environment.

Cool hydrophilic cotton – Breathable and cooling

1. Cool touch – Finished by condensation method, the mat is with cooling effects itself.
2. Moisture-absorbing and perspiration – To exhale the moist quickly

3. Temperature regulation – To combat excessive heat that can be generated while sleeping
4. Enhanced breathability – Soft and gentle on the skin


3 Goods about Isokinetic uBed/uBed Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Bed

Move freely, sleep soundly, life happily

Additional information

uBed Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Bed




140 RPM (Max.)


~ 20 mm


RF Wireless Remote


7 Band Fixed Frequency + 3 Automatic Program Functions


30 minutes fixed frequency




AC 100~120V,50~60Hz


Max. 600W


CE Approved & FDA Registered


Queen Size Mattress ~ L 2000 x W 1500 x H 330 mm


L 2080 x W 1650 x H 640 mm


~ 300 KG


~ 227 KG