uChair Sports Relief Exercise Chair 运动舒压椅 – Anniversary


RSP RM 21,800 – (West Malaysia)

RSP RM 22,800 – (East Malaysia)


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The perfect combination of vibration and sofa, enjoy exercising and relaxation at the same time.

The ergonomic cladding design, reminiscing the familiar sense of safety just like in your mother’s womb. Under gentle vibration and stimulation to parasympathetic nerves in the body, allowing the body, head and nerves to fully relax and enjoy a better rest.

When you are tired, take a nap and recharge yourself on uChair.

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uChair Sports Relief Exercise Chair

It is much different between massage and vibration

There is much difference between massage and vibration.
There’s a better choice for backache relieve

Relief stress while exercising, giving you a reason to enjoy exercise

It is not that hard to make it!

Elegant posture. The form of a wonderful life

Relaxed lifestyle, your world will become more cheerful and beautiful.

Relax and stretch. Relieve accumulated pain

Move your body, relax your muscles, and let soreness be gone

Sleep well at night. Sleep until you wake up naturally

Exercise regularly, sleep well at night

Perfect ergonomic design

Integrate with the body, relieve pressure and relax to achieve the ultimate relaxation.

2MM Vertical Amplitude

another level of comfort leather
5 Advantages of NAPPA soft leather
Wipe clean – Easy maintenance- hassle free
Fire-resistant – Heat-resistant, safe- use at ease
Breathable – Breathable- not stuffy
Skin-friendly – Soft, comfortable- close to you
Eco-friendly – Environmental protection- more sustainability

Don’t be restricted. Just enjoy sports!

With one-button design, simple interface design, operating it becomes even convenient.

Comprehensive healthy thinking

Healthy exercise and relaxation and pressure relief are all in one place.

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