Vibration Helps Stroke Rehabilitation

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration(WBPA) can effectively promote the secretion of nitric oxide, increase blood flow in blood vessels, promote the circulation of peripheral blood vessels, and accelerate the repair of damaged nerves and cells.

Whole-body Periodic Acceleration can be used at home. Even if you have limited mobility or paralysis and cannot go to the hospital, you can also use the Whole Body Periodic Acceleration(WBPA) machine to achieve rehabilitation and prevent secondary strokes.

For patients with stroke, the purpose of rehabilitation exercise is to maintain the normal operation and function of muscles and joints, prevent joint deformation and contraction, and improve blood circulation. The ultimate goal is to restore normal quality of life.

The Concept of Vibration Relieving Stroke

  1. Promotes blood circulation
    Whole Body Periodic Acceleration(WBPA) can speed up blood flow, the peripheral blood vessels dilate, the metabolic rate of cells in the whole body increases, and the rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange of 60 trillion cells in the whole body can be increased, so it can promote cell metabolism. The accelerated blood flow can promote the blood flow of peripheral micro-vessels, and then repair damaged brain cells.
  2. Increases muscle strength
    By utilizingWhole Body Vertical Vibration(WBVV), it can help the muscles to contract and stretch continuously, thereby strengthen the balance –coordination of stroke patients. It can effectively control posture, body flexibility and limb strength, and increase the speed and distance of walking, prevent falls, improve the quality of life. When muscle strength has improved, one can better prevent osteoporosis after stroke.
  3. Relieves constipation
    When the body is inactive, gastrointestinal motility will also be affected, resulting in the decrease of appetite, leading to constipation. Vibration can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, relieve constipation and promote appetite.