Vibration and sexual function

Vibration can stimulate the production of nitric oxide on the inner wall of blood vessels, promoting the dilation of blood vessels and reduce the risk of male erectile dysfunction.

Vibration can also regulate male and female hormones, increase men's low libido, relieve hair loss, and can also reduce female menopause or menstrual discomfort.

Stimulation of vibration can increase male testosterone and promote female hormone secretion, effectively enhancing male vitality, and achieve desired sexual performance.

When female hormones are achieving a balance, it can improve women's physiological and relieve menopausal symptoms.

Nitric oxide promotes dilation of blood vessels

Viagra is an oral type of nitric oxide, which increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood, dilates the blood vessels, and makes the penis erect. Vibration enables the body to produce nitric oxide automatically and improve sexual function.

Regulates autonomic nerves

Autonomic dysregulation can also cause problems with sexual dysfunction, causing men erection dysfunction, and women losing libido. When the autonomic nerves return to normal function, the problem of libido naturally resolves.