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Vibration Improves Sleep Quality

Clinical experimental studies have shown that whole body vertical vibration can promote the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters that can help to reduce stress and relieve tension, improving sleep quality and aiding users to fall asleep faster, bidding goodbye to insomnia.

Medical research has found that "stress" can interfere with the normal operation of the body's physiology through the endocrine system, increase the risk of physical diseases, causing daily dysfunction and clinical physical and mental problems. If these stresses are ignored and start to accumulate without treatment, they will gradually affect the physical and mental health. People under chronic stress are prone to physical and psychological diseases, ranging from mild to severe.

How does vibration relieve insomnia?

  1. Stimulates the parasympathetic nerve
    • Insomniacs are usually caused by excessive excitement of the sympathetic nerves, and vibration stimulates the "relaxed" parasympathetic nerves, thus relaxing the body and spirit, so it can aid to enter sleep mode.
  2. Improves blood circulation
    • Eliminates the symptoms of soreness and discomfort, relaxing the mind and body, improving sleep quality.