Q. Warranty clause

  1. Warranty Period:
    Device: complimentary maintenance for 24 months from the date of purchase
    Accessories other the Device: complimentary maintenance for12 months from the date of purchase.
  2. General Warranty:
    Product warranty effective from the date of purchase of the product stated in the product manual. During the warranty period, if the product malfunctions under normal usage in accordance with the provision in the product manual, once verified by the company, free service and maintenance is applicable or product exchange.
    Note: Items listed as gift item is not entitled under the scope of warranty.
  3. New Purchase Warranty:
    If the product malfunctions within the 15 days of purchase, it will be treated as new product defect. Consumer can file the report to company and once confirmed, new product exchange and replacement applicable. However, if the inspection result showed that the malfunction is not caused by the product itself, this exchange and replacement clause will not be applicable. If the new product exchange and replacement is applicable, kindly prepare all the items related to the product during the purchase, related documents and proof of purchase as the basis of the exchange.
  4. Maintenance Warranty:
    After the warranty period, any parts replacement by company will entitle for 90 days warranty period for the replaced parts. During this 90 days warranty period, if the same part malfunction, consumer will be entitled for free part replacement service.
  5. If any of the following cases, free parts replacement or free maintenance services are not applicable during the warranty period:
    1. Any damage caused during transportation, shipping, collision and product drop after product delivery.
    2. The damage caused by disaster such as fire, earthquake, lightning, wind, flood and abnormal voltage (using non-original power cords or transformers) and other natural disaster.
    3. Damage cause by self or 3rd party installation, modify and repair that are not authorized by the company.
    4. Non-manufacturer damage as below:
      • Inconsistent power supply specification, abuse, negligence or other improper use (maintenance) of the product.
      • Rodents, cockroaches, ants, geckos, etc.
      • External environmental factors such as sulfuric areas, seashores, chemical plants, bio-gas, etc.
    5. Consumables: leather, mat, battery, top cover, bottom cover, etc. are not covered by the warranty.
  6. After the warranty period, service charges is applicable for product servicing and maintenance, if there are parts replacement required, parts replacement cost (including transportation charges) will be imposed.