Q. Why do some people sweat and feel the itchiness after vibration but some don’t?

During vibration exercise, you may feel the itching in your body. It is caused by Qi and blood, adding up with the speeding of the loop. This kind of itchiness is not an itch is experienced when an insect is crawling on your skin but it is completely developed from the internal body. Itching means that the cells are activated, Qi and blood are accelerated, and lymphatic gland metabolism is enhanced. This situation will be eliminated with continuous using.

Some people sweat and some don’t sweat because of the following factors:

  • The temperature of the environment is different. Some people are in air-conditioned rooms, and some are in the natural environment.
  • The amount of clothing he wears, and if he wears airtight clothing, he will sweat.
  • The speed used is different from the amplitude. The larger the amplitude, the easier it is to sweat, otherwise he is less likely to sweat.
  • Posture during vibration exercise. The greater the strength of your posture, the faster you sweat. For example, the more comfortable your posture is during vibration exercise, the less likely you are to sweat.
  • Sweating conditions vary depending on individuals. Some people are naturally prone to sweating, while others are not.