【AIRFIT】Zero Gravity Breathable Seat Padding 零重力支撑坐垫


RSP RM 499 (西马)

RSP RM 599 (东马)

完美支撑坐垫! 让你腰部轻松,臀部不热,舒服一整天!

Perfect Support For Your Seat Body
Suitable for Any Seat Pattern
Improve your Seat Quality and Lead a Healthier Life full of Vitality

  • Breathable 透气
  • Washable 水洗
  • Light Weight 轻量
  • Sturdy Support 支撑
  • Relieve Pressure 释压
  • Cooling 凉感


重量 0.5 公斤
尺寸 45 × 45 × 2 厘米