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Growth Hormone-Releasing Effects of Whole Body Vibration Alone or Combined with Squatting plus External Load in Severely Obese Female Subjects

Marialuisa Giunta (1,2), Marco Cardinale (3,4,5), Fiorenza Agosti (1), Alessandra Patrizi (1), Emanuele Compri (1), Antonello E. Rigamonti (2), Alessandro Sartorio (1,6)

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Whole-Body Vibration Training Effect on Physical Performance and Obesity in Mice

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The Influence of Whole Body Vibration Stimulus on Energy Expenditure in Obesities

Wang, Soun Cheng Ph.D. ; Chiang, Tai Ju

Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure Education ;National Chung Cheng University

Effects of whole body vibration training on body composition, skeletal muscle strength, and cardiovascular health

Song-Young Park (1), Won-Mok Son (2), Oh-Sung Kwon (3)

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